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Great people for great businesses.

Scale your operations to an affordable location right across the California border.

Meet our people:

Ana | Influencer Marketing Specialist


Bachelor in Marketing, 3 years working in marketing and advertising.


- Finds content creators related to the brand’s market 
- Coordinates influencer interaction, product shipping, content creation and product reviews
- Negotiates deals with influencers

Featured Achievement:

Closed 240 influencer collaborations during a 10 month timeframe


Learn about our talent:

Average Age: 27 years old

Young bilingual agents familiar with american culture, within 0 to 3 hours of your time-zone

Average English level: B2 

Our team members score

an average B2 level on the Cambridge General English test.


College Graduates: 81.5% 

8 out of 10 of our team members hold a Bachelor's degree related to their working field.


Featured Success Story:

Rising cost of labor in California drove one of our clients to look for a more affordable location to conduct their back office functions. Expansion of business was at risk due to high local labor costs and bottomline financial results were not being achieved.


As of October 2019 the campaign has a current headcount of 12 full time employees!


Learn about our talent:

Why Bridge?


In-house Management

Our collaborators work on an office environment, coordinated by our management team.


Direct contact with your collaborator

Get an exclusive phone line to communicate with your team member whenever you need to.


Minutes away from the USA

Want to meet or train your new team member? Our prime location allows us to travel to your offices or a middle-point. 

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