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Sell your Mexican business in the USA

Many American companies have extra liquidity and seek to acquire internal control of their supply chain from Mexico, as well as enter the Mexican market. We help you prepare your company to promote it in the U.S. with the purpose of it becoming a strategic acquisition that represents a great impact for you.

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  • Take advantage of the benefit that Mexico has due to the trade war between China and the USA, and the confidence that the T-MEC offers to American investors, allowing an attractive valuation in strategic companies in Mexico.

  • Convert your company's capital to dollars and manage your wealth in the most stable currency in the world.

  • Access capital that allows you to reinvent yourself in the project you have always wanted, or, finally, retire and enjoy the fruit of your efforts alongside your loved ones

Bandera de EE.UU
  •  Sell your company while maintaining a high degree of confidentiality in the process. By dealing with international groups you avoid leaks that may reach employees, customers or business partners.

  • Protect your staff, often the foreign group that buys wants to maintain the existing structure.

  • Evaluate the possibility of retaining shares that will increase in value and or lead a new business activity at an international level.

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